We wanted to share with you, a few photos of the events we have been to already this year. We want to thank everyone for inviting us out to help us continue our mission.  You can follow us at "Miracles are Pink" on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. 

We can be reached at Miraclesarepink@gmail.com.

Our Photo Gallery

We started off our year with our first event at the Dayton Offroad show in Wilmington OH. The Winged Warrior made it back to Daytona Jeep Beach for a third year. Being able to drive the Beach (which we loved) and catch up with friends. Next we were off to Bantam Jeep Festival in PA with both Jeeps. Wayne made a trip this year to the New Jersey Jeep Invasion for the second time, he had a great time meeting many of our supporters.  We were able to end the year at Sema for our first trip.  It is true you can't see everything they have to offer, and it's amazing to see all the hard work that goes into each and every build. This is to name a few of the many events we have or have been so honored to attend and help show support. We still have a few more events to get on the calander. (We keep our events up to date on our Facebook page.) We hope you will stop by and see us if you are at one of the events.