Chris's mission was to fight this cancer with everything she was, and with the support of her family, friends, and community! Chris gave it one Hell of a fight, she lost her battle in August 28,2015, but her mission lives on!! Please click on Chris's Journey.

                        Our Mission for 2018
Our mission for 2018 was a success, we sent more care packages out this year than we every have in the past three years.  We sent a deserving person on her dream trip with her family.  We can't thank everyone enough who helped make this year a huge success!

This year we will be raffling a roof rack made by, Just Jeep n Stuff.  This is a USA company, made by a Veteran. No drilling, easy to install, and you can color match your Jeep.  Ticket will be sold at all our events 1 for $20, or 3 or $50.   Drawings at the end of the year.  You can purcahse as many tickets as you would like.Retail value $700

Miracles are Pink

Non-Profit Organization

Miracles are Pink was created for our sister Chris in January 2015.  You ask why, here is her journey:

Chris found a very small lump in her left breast in December 2012 (from doing a self-exam).  She then went to her doctor, and Chris was diagnosed with breast cancer in January 2013.  Chris went through a lumpectomy to have this pea sized cancer cell removed.  As Chris went through the chemo and radiation, she never let this thing called “cancer” bring her down.  Her doctors and nurses were amazed at her attitude, at her ability to continue working full-time, and how she became an even stronger advocate for fighting breast cancer with each treatment.  Then in September 2013 she had completed her treatments and was given an all-clear.  Although, she had little ailments pop up after treatment, like Shingles, fever blisters, and ear aches.  Despite those ailments, she was a Survivor, and she faced every challenge along the way head on!!!  In October 2014, she became ill with flu-like symptoms; and after several doctors’ appointments, blood work, and, finally, an MRI, Chris was diagnosed with Breast Brain Cancer.  (Metastatic Breast Cancer is cancer that has spread from the breast to another part of the body or has come back in another distant location.  This area of spread is called a metastasis, or metastases if there are multiple areas of spread. Breast cancer most commonly spreads to the bone, lungs, liver, and brain).  So, as she continued to fight this battle, she faced everything head on.  Chris was empowered to overcome this cancer, and she wanted others to be just as empowered.

This is how the Pink Jeep was created.  Chris thought it would be amazing to have a Jeep done in Hot Pink to spread the message about breast cancer.  Miracles Are Pink is a 1994 Jeep Wrangler YJ.  It was transformed into what you see today.  Chris continued to be an advocate for Breast Cancer and wanted to spread the messages “Attitude is Everything,” “Fight Like a Girl,” “Hope,” “Supporting the Fighter,” “Admiring the Survivor,” “Honoring the Taken,” and “NEVER EVER GIVING UP HOPE!”  However, Chris lost her battle on August 28, 2015.  Nevertheless, we are continuing her legacy with Miracles Are Pink!